As We Prepare for the Ascension of the Lord

A note from Drew Isbell, St. Jude's Director of Evangelization and Religious Education, as we prepare for the Ascension of the Lord

They Think You're Crazy...Let 'Em!

You ever been so tired that you act like a total buffoon? I'm talking like middle school sleep over, sleep deprived, Mountain Dew and pizza until we pass out kind of weird. Weren't those days the best? You could be with your friends and just be yourself, and as long as no one died in the house and all the pizza rolls were off the floor, mom didn't kill you in the morning.

I think back upon those days with profound gratitude that I got to have a childhood where my mother gave me a space and time to be a child. She never wanted me to grow up too fast. She never wanted me to work too much and not have time to enjoy just being a kid. I am so grateful for that.

You know, this Sunday we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord into Heaven. Our Easter joy has hopefully made us cling to God like never before. The scary part is, Jesus is leaving us. He is going to the Father's house, and this time it is not just in the temple. Our Lord and Savior has died, resurrected, and is now seated at the right hand of the Father in the heavenly kingdom. He has promised that He will come back again.

The best part is that He has not left us to figure it all out on our own. He has sent His Holy Spirit to guide us to all truth. He who is the way, the truth and life, by the power of the Holy Spirit will lead us back to the Father's house, which according to Him has many rooms. This is where it all starts for us as Catholic Christians. Unless God ascends into Heaven, He can't lead us to where He is going.

My mother was always so good to me. She always gave me a time and space to be a kid, to be a joyful, slaphappy child in my house with my friends. So too God has given us a Mother Church who has room for us, she has a time and a place for us, and she even has some goodies that will make us a little crazy.

As we enter the Father's house this Sunday, let us turn back to that moment we became children of God, as we dip our hand into the holy water of our baptism. Let us allow God to make us like joyful children once again. They may think we are crazy, let them. The crazy ones change the world. Let your Faith be life changing. Let it make people wonder what the heck is wrong with you. If they don't ask us, we probably aren't acting in accord with the Holy Spirit. Good thing He is coming next weekend.