SVDP Needs Your Help

Dear St. Jude Parishioners,

Our St. Vincent de Paul Society has received a great blessing for its ministry.  We have been offered approximately 25 display mattress/box spring sets, many display tables, perhaps about 50, as well as some chairs and a few other smaller items from the Sheridan Village Bergner's store. As most of you are aware, the Bergner's stores are going out of business, so time is of the essence.

If we accept this generous offer, we will have to load and move all of these items to the St. Joseph Furniture Bank and unload the items here. A truck has already been secured for the transportation of the items. This needs to happen when a Bergner's representative is available, which will be this coming Monday afternoon and Tuesday (May 14th and 15th).

We are in need of LOTS of help as these items are scattered on all three floors, in many different areas of the store.  If you are able-bodied and willing to help, would you please respond to Judy Zika at as soon as possible?  Please note whether you could help on Monday afternoon or Tuesday during the day or both. Please include your phone number when you email Judy.  Please pass this request on to any high school or college students who may want to help.

These items would be such a fantastic benefit to many of the families we meet who have little or no furniture.  Thank you so much for considering helping this ministry!