How will parishioners interested in joining your group/ministry get in touch with you?

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Each group/ministry will be asked to select a communication strategy for how parishioners interested in joining their group/ministry should contact them.

Men of St. Jude (option 1, preferred)

Men of St. Jude is a community of men seeking to know, to live, and to pass on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  They are primarily a social group intended to promote Christian fellowship among men of the parish.  Check the bulletin for upcoming events, or contact us.

Option 1 provides a short and customizable form that users can fill out.  The form will show up in a simple in-window box.  Ministry leadrers can request users fill out basic information like name, email address, subject, and message.  When the form is submitted, the information is sent to an email address that the ministry leader specifies.  Check out the example below.

Below is what the email look like...

The user submitting the form can not see the email address that the information is submitted to.  When the email comes to the ministry leader, all they need to do is "reply" to begin an email.  This message is preferred because it allows parishioners to quickly communicate directly to ministry leaders, without the need to involve the parish office.

Men of St. Jude (option 2, preferred)

Option 2 is similar to Option 1, except information is recorded into a Google Drive (Sheet).  This can be useful when you're asking for people to express interest in a future event.  For example:  "Sign up to be notified for updates on the upcoming Ed Rapp event."  Ministry leaders could then use this information to send out an update later.  This tool can easily be paired with the Flocknote email and text messaging tool.

It would also be used to capture RSVP data.

Option 3

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